Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2017)

Patients Age: 48
Admission Date:  8/28/17
Admitted From: St Elizabeth Hospital
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Shortness of Breath
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Details of Experience:

Mr. MacArthur “Mack” Haynes is a 48-year-old male who was admitted to St. Elizabeth Hospital on August 28, 2017 for shortness of breath. Prior to being admitted, Mack had experienced shortness of breath for weeks at home. Per the hospital, Mr. Haynes was also experiencing increased leg and lower abdomen edema. He also had a history of Diabetes Mellitus (DM), hypertension, OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), peripheral edema and GERD.

Numerous medical tests were conducted to support Mr. Haynes. It was discovered that he had internal fluid overload, most likely caused by his congestive heart failure. His physicians elected to transfer him to the center’s telemetry floor for further cardiac support. Over the course of his stay, he was placed on continuous oxygen and BiPap machine at night.

Mr. Haynes currently lives at home with one family member. Prior to his hospital admission, he was totally independent in activities of daily living. His physician ordered that he be seen by therapy in the hospital. Upon initial assessment by the hospital physical therapist, Mr. Haynes was a moderate assist of two people for bed mobility. He was also totally dependant for any type of transfers and was non-ambulatory. During his initial evaluation, Mack required cueing from staff to perform functions. He was also totally dependant or required maximum assistance with his dressing and bathing. Both his physical and occupational therapists at the hospital recommended that Mr. Haynes admit to a skilled nursing facility for additional therapy before returning home. On August 2, 2017, the social work department discussed with Mr. Haynes skilled nursing options; Oasis Center was his first choice.

Mack admitted to our facility on August 4, 2017 for short-term rehabilitation. Mack was hospitalized for an exacerbation of congestive heart failure, requiring occupational and physical therapy to return him to full-strength. When Mack first arrived to Oasis, he was unable to ambulate and required assistance with transferring in and out of bed. He had levels of fatigue and reported “heaviness” in his legs. Through daily hard work in therapy, Mack slowly returned to his former state of good health. He is now able to transfer to and from bed independently and can ambulate throughout the entire center with a forward wheeled walker. At this time Mack has initiated gait training without any assistive device! It won’t be long before he will be completely back on his feet!

Mack has been an absolute pleasure to work with in therapy. He tries hard with every therapeutic activity that is asked of him. And his dedication towards returning to his prior level of function is shown in the great improvement he has made. We are very proud of you, Mack and will miss you when you leave us!

Mr. Macarthur Haynes is still currently with our community receiving therapy.
His plan is to return home as soon as he has reached his goals. He shared,
“Oasis is a nice place with a good atmosphere. The people and the staff are great! The therapy has helped me and has given me pointers on how to do things right. If you need therapy, you should come here because they will help you!”
– M. Haynes