Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (November 2017)

Patients Age: 65
Admission Date:  9/22/17
Admitted From: St Elizabeth’s Hospital Main Campus
Discharge Date: 11/16/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 54 days
Reason for Stay: Cellulitis of Left Toe/Necrotic metatarsals
How did this patient hear about Oasis? Location

Details of Experience:

Stanley Fitzgerald is a 65-year-old male who admitted to the hospital back on September 7, 2017 after experiencing symptoms at home relating to a blister on his left 3rd toe. He shared that a couple weeks prior he had been scratches by his dog and had subsequent worsening of the blister with some discoloration. His family doctor placed him on keflex. He then began to have complaints of sharp leg pains. Mr. Fitzgerald went to St. Elizabeth’s hospital where the doctors there placed him on Vancomycin and Zosyn to treat the infection. His doctors then had to place an incision in his foot to drain the foot abscess and amputate two of his digits on his left foot. A wound vac was also placed on his foot to assist with his healing. Mr. Stanley Fitzgerald was placed on several weeks of IV antibiotics.

Prior to admitting to the hospital, Mr. Fitzgerald was completely independent with all of his activities of daily living. After having the amputation of two digits on his left foot, Stanley’s therapist at the hospital recommended that he go to a Skilled Nursing Center for his IV’s and additional therapy to get back on his feet. He currently lives with his wife in a multi-story floor plan with four steps and no rails.

After surgery, Physical Occupational Therapists worked with him at the hospital. He was only able to walk 50 feet with a one person assist and 20 feet with a wheeled walker with stand-by assist. He had difficulty turning because of the IV and the wound vac on his foot. Mr. Fitzgerald overall functional mobility had decreased. Recommendation from the hospital therapists were for him to admit to a Skilled Rehab Center for additional therapy. Mr. Stanley Fitzgerald selected Oasis Center as it was very close to his home and very convenient for his wife to visit.

Stanley Fitzgerald was a patient at our facility that admitted to receive short term rehabilitation. Mr. Fitzgerald came to us after a hospitalization for cellulitis in his left foot with amputations of digits 2 and 3. Upon admission to Oasis Center, Stanley presented with difficulty with transfers, standing, ambulation, completing his activities of daily living due to his overall weakness, pain, limited mobility and non- weight bearing status on his left foot.

Mr. Fitzgerald was evaluated by our Oasis Therapy Team and began receiving daily Physical and Occupational. With hard work, Stanley made great progress with his therapy. His biggest limitation with going home was being non-weight bearing on his left foot, which made stair negotiation difficult. Stanley, along with our therapy team, worked diligently on being able to safely go up and down steps. Upon his discharge home, Mr. Fitzgerald was ambulating over 300 feet with a front wheeled walker and going up and down the steps with crutches, standing over 10 minutes and transferring with very little assistance. He also was performing all of his activities of daily living with some set-up and adaptive equipment. Stanley will continue to receive therapy services at home with his wife and dogs there to support him.

A word form Stanley Fitzgerald:

“When I first arrived here, I had doubts; all of which were quickly dispelled. I found that the atmosphere of compassion and professionalism were exemplary. The staff were more attentive than expected, their ministrations were rapid and specific to the need. The nurses and their aides saw to your desires with careful manner and made sure they answered your concerns with great understanding. The physical therapists worked tirelessly to make sure the instructions you were given produced positive results, but with understanding given your abilities. The ancillary departments including the kitchen, laundry and transportation were also excellent. My stay here has been positive, productive and enjoyable. I would recommend anyone who has the need to come here.”