Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (July 2017)

Patients Age: 63
Admission Date:  6/14/17
Admitted From: St Elizabeth Hospital Main Campus
Discharge Date: Current Patient
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation Services for Cerebrovascular Disease
How did this patient hear about Oasis? It is close to his home. In the past, he also volunteered as a singer for the community alongside a singing group. He chose Oasis Center upon being discharged from the hospital due to his familiarity with the community.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Carter is a 63-year-old male, who was admitted to Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on June 14, 2017 due to a diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Disease from St Elizabeth Hospital, Main Campus. Mr. Leonard Carter fell ill on May 14, 2017 when he went into the hospital for left-sided weakness. He also has a history of COPD, Gout, Hypertension and TB. While at the hospital, a recommendation was made by the hospital therapy department for inpatient rehabilitation services in a skilled nursing facility. He chose Oasis as it was close to his home, and in the past, he had volunteered as an entertained for the residents alongside a singing group. While in the hospital, Mr. Carter experienced multiple falls, making it unsafe for him to return home where he lived alone in an apartment on the 5th floor. Prior to any hospital stay by Leonard, he was independent and did not need clinical devices for support. The initial evaluation performed at the hospital revealed that he was a max assist for bed mobility, numerous falls and impaired sensation to both the left upper extremities and left lower extremities; he was only able to ambulate two feet with parallel bars. Leonard continued to make progress while in the hospital until his discharge to Oasis on June 14, 2017.

Leonard Carter became a short term patient here at Oasis on June 14th after being admitted to the hospital for a CVA. Unfortunately, his stroke left him with significant weakness and neglect to his left side, requiring short term skilled rehabilitation to restore his independence to his highest functional level.
Initially, Mr. Carter required assistance with all functional tasks. Due to his left side deficits, he quickly had to teach himself how to dress, bathe and transfer using predominantly his right side; and he did! He progressed so well that he is now able to utilize adaptive equipment for his dressing and bathing and can transfer and ambulate using a quad cane, all without assistance!

Mr Carter has shown high levels of determination and courage throughout his rehabilitative process. The therapy department is extremely proud of his hard work and progress he has made. At this time, Mr. Carter plans to discharge home with his family and we wish him nothing but the best!

Resident Testimonial

“On a Thursday, I was working at a group home and everything was fine, come Friday morning, I began to have some left side weakness while I was cooking pancakes at work. I knew something was wrong so I went to the hospital. At the hospital they checked me out and they ended up sending me home. The next morning I got up and fell and was not able to get myself up. I layed on the floor in my house for three days until my brother came and found me and took me to the hospital. By that time, I had felt that I had a stroke. I could not move or feel anything on my left side. I went to therapy at the hospital then the time came when they asked me where I might want to go for rehab. I remember about five years ago I came here to sing with a group for the residents, so I picked to come here. Since I have been here, therapy helped me move my legs, arms and fingers on my left side. I am walking with a quad cane now. I go to therapy everyday and work until it hurts. I still have a ways to go. I sure would recommend this place to anyone needing any type of therapy. They have all been great!”