Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (January 2018)

Patients Age: 54
Admission Date: 12/01/17
Admitted From: Northside Hospital
Discharge Date: Will remain at this time as a Long Term Resident
Discharged To: n/a
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Altered Mental Status, Hypernatremia and Right Sided facial pain
How did this patient hear about Oasis? The Social Worker at the Hospital

Details of Experience:

Mr. Glenn is a 54-year-old male with a previous history of diabetes mellitus who has had multiple visits to Northside Hospital for right side facial pain due to a dental abscess. He was brought to the emergency room from home on November 28, 2017. He lives alone and per the emergency room, his friends had been increasingly concerned about his ability to care for himself over the last several months. When he was asked questions about his history, he did not
answer most of the questions in the hospital. He did let them know in the ER he was experiencing right side facial pain that was so severe that he was not able to eat, drink or take any of his medications for the last several days. He was experiencing a pain level of 10/10. At the time of this visit to the ER, he was only oriented to himself and appeared very frustrated at staff who were continually asking him questions. Keith was admitted to the hospital with altered mental status, hypernatremia and right side facial pain.

Prior to any type of hospital stay, Mr. Glenn was independent at home with all activities of daily living. He resided in a third floor apartment that had no elevator. In the Hospital, he was evaluated by Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Due to the three abscess, the patient was placed on a pureed diet with thin liquids. He was even having difficulty being able to feed himself and needed moderate assistance by staff during meals. The patient stated that prior to hospital stay he was only eating soup and he denied having pain with swallowing. Physical and Occupational Therapy evaluated him and at the time of his hospitalization he was requiring maximum assistance with his transfers. He was also having difficulty holding his head up and was only able to stand for about ten seconds with assistance. He was unable to take any steps at this time either. Patient experienced fatigue throughout all his therapy sessions and was only able to open eyes minimally. His overall appearance was weak. He was not able to take care of himself at this time. The recommendation was made for him to go to a Rehabilitation center for additional therapy.

Patient’s Stay:

Keith Glenn became a resident at Oasis Center for rehabilitation on December 1, 2017. He was admitted to receive short term rehabilitation. He had become debilitated from his illness and was unable to care for himself safely at home. Upon admission to Oasis Center, Keith was dependent on staff for transfers, standing, ambulation, completing his ADL’s due to his overall weakness. Mr. Glenn was evaluated by the Oasis Therapy Team and began receiving daily Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. He put forth a lot of effort in his recovery and began to make great progress. Keith currently is ambulating over 50 feet with a front wheeled walker, going up and down 18 steps, standing 10 minutes and transferring with very little assistance. He is completing all of his ADL’s with some set-up assistance and verbal cues, demonstrated good functional standing balance during functional activities. He will continue to receive therapy services at Oasis in hope to meet and exceed his goals and return to independent living once ready. The Oasis therapy team is so proud of all of Keith’s progress so far and looks forward to continuing to see him improve while he is here at oasis center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

Patient Testimonial:

“Everything is going real good here. The staff are nice. Therapy is making me work so I can walk again on my own. I would tell you, if you need therapy to come here. They all work with you.” – Keith G.