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Non-Healing Wound Treatment for Residents of Austintown, OH

The specialized Wound Care Program at Oasis Center for Rehabilitation & Healing delivers comprehensive wound treatment to stimulate tissue growth and faster healing of chronic and non-healing wounds. Our certified wound care staff utilizes innovative, highly effective treatment protocols and the latest technology to achieve outstanding therapeutic results, and our wound care physician visits weekly to make the rounds.

Oasis Center for Rehabilitation & Healing has always been recognized for its outstanding care and dedicated, steadfast staff. Many of our team members have been a part of Oasis Center for a decade or more, and are renowned for their empathy, integrity and unwavering devotion.

Residents of Austintown, OH suffering from surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, pressure sores or or any other hard-to-heal wounds benefit tremendously from this multidisciplinary program that includes the usage of IV antibiotics, specialized air mattresses, electric stimulation, infection control techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and devices.

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“My Experience at Oasis has been a very positive and learning chapter in my life. I really didn’t think I was so weak and exhausted after my illness. I have gained a new perspective about health care personnel. Everyone has been so nice and caring. I would definitely refer Oasis to someone who needs rehab therapy and I have told my family if I need your services I would love to come back here for help.” – Victoria M.

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With a driving time of about 20 minutes, Oasis Rehab is conveniently located for residents of Austintown seeking wound care services:

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