“This is my third time here. I came back because the people were so nice to me here. This is my home now. The food here is excellent and fabulous. They take pride in what they do here. At anytime, you can get something from the kitchen. They answer your bell pretty quickly here. I am very happy with the activities.” – Diane B.

“I was here previously and chose to go to another place; it was a big mistake so I came back. I came back because the staff and people here are very friendly and I get a lot of help from everyone. I consider this place my home right now. I went where I was treated the best and that was Oasis.” – Stephen T.

“I have been working here at Oasis Center for three years. I really like working here. I enjoy working with my residents and the staff here is awesome. When I ‘m here, I am everyone’s favorite aide. Everyone loves working with me. I have a great attitude and a great smile. The residents enjoy when I have them. I work very hard for my residents and try to bring joy to them when I am here at Oasis.” – Shawntwone J.

“When I first arrived here, I had doubts; all of which were quickly dispelled. I found that the atmosphere of compassion and professionalism were exemplary. The staff were more attentive than expected, their ministrations were rapid and specific to the need. The nurses and their aides saw to your desires with careful manner and made sure they answered your concerns with great understanding. The physical therapists worked tirelessly to make sure the instructions you were given produced positive results, but with understanding given your abilities. The ancillary departments including the kitchen, laundry and transportation were also excellent. My stay here has been positive, productive and enjoyable. I would recommend anyone who has the need to come here.” – Stanley F.

“The greeting from the front desk to my room was warm and friendly. The place was clean all the way to my room. I was taken to the rehab area where the whole staff were very nice, helpful and caring. Gretchen was very helpful to all my needs. I had a set back and I was so glad I was in Oasis Center where it was taken care of right then and that helped me to go on with my rehabilitation and be able to go home early. Lets not forget the housekeepers who help keep the bad germs away. The Lord bless thee and keep you all.” – Hazel H.

“Its a wonderful place.  If you come and need rehab, this is the place to come to.  I had been at several other nursing homes, but the quality I am getting here is great.  The help I am getting here is wonderful.  The people here take good care of me.” – John G.

“Oasis is a nice place, a decent atmosphere.  The staff are great.  Therapy helps me and gives me pointers on how to do things right.  If you need therapy, you should come here; they will help you.” – MacArthur H.

“I have been here since July 12, 1990; tomorrow will be 27 years. This place is clean and all the people are friendly to me. The Therapy department helped me very much . This is my home.” – Susan S.

“It is a great big beautiful building. Everyone needs to come and check it out for their loved ones. They go over and beyond your expectations and try to please you. It’s a beautiful place to be and I recommend anyone to come here.” – Carolyn W.

“It is a great big beautiful building. Everyone needs to come and check it out for their loved ones. They go over and beyond your expectations and try to please you. Its a beautiful place to be and I recommend anyone to come here.”

“Oasis is a good place to call home.  I have been here a long time.  The Administrator keeps the nursing home running like a well-oiled machine.  He is very sweet and everyone likes him.  Any concerns are resolved by the administrator pretty quickly. I am very fond of Dr. Rich, who is my doctor here; he takes very good care of me.  The nurses go to bat for me. The nurses are fantastic; they are caring and compassionate.

I have made a lot of good friends here during my stay, it’s like one big happy family here.  The aides are our angels here; they look after us.  If you need to be in a nursing home, this is the place to come.  The food is delicious, the housekeepers keep everything clean and maintenance is on top of everything.”- Patty H.

“This is my fourth time here. I was here for my knee, ankle and for my heart. I have seen a lot of improvements over the years. A lot of the staff remember me from my previous stays. All the therapists are great.” – Wanda M.

“My time spent here was excellent. The nurses, doctors, Therapy staff, aides were very kind. I made great strides in my physical therapy rehab and was able to go home sooner then planned. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing this care. I especially was impressed with the physical therapy department and aides and other workers. They truly cared about the patients well being and it showed. Everyone I encountered treated me with dignity and respect.” – Fred M.

“My stay at Oasis has been wonderful! The staff has been very helpful and friendly. The food is good and portions are plentiful. The room is large and clean and cheerful with a window for natural lightening. I am thoroughly enjoying my stay and have been having a speedy recovery. I would definitely recommend Oasis to anyone in need of a speedy recovery.”- Judy S.

“I Love taking care of my residents each day. It brings a smile to my day knowing I make a difference in their lives.” – Davina S., LPN

“I have been here for five years now. My five years here have been good. I am looking forward to some new things that will be happening in the center. I enjoy all the live entertainment that we have here at Oasis. The staff and Residents all get along here.” – Dorothy G.

“I would recommend Oasis. The food is great. I like the Activities. I like when Charlene from Activities brings me a GOOD cup of coffee. This is my third time here.”
– Annie P.

“Therapy has been very good, and I am looking forward to the walking school and finally being able to walk again.” – Ken V.

“I cannot say enough about the Therapy Department. I was having difficulty walking when I came to Oasis. They worked with me every day and now I can walk again and have gained my independence and I can return home.” – S. Florea

“My Father will be going home on Friday and I am so appreciative of the Therapy Staff that worked with my Dad. He is so much stronger and he is very happy to be able to return home before the Christmas Holiday. I am also grateful to the Nursing Staff and Aides who provided hands on care.” – Gloria M., Family Member

“All of the nursing staff are great. My meals are always delicious. I really like living at Oasis. My room is great and I have so many friends here. I love tossing with activities and making crafts.”
– Georgia H.

“The Staff is very nice. Therapy is very nice too. They always greet me. Gretchen from Admissions checks on me to make sure I am doing okay.” – Annie P.

“Everyone has been so nice. Lisa the aide is very good. I miss her when she is off. Therapy is hard for me to do, but I have to do it so I can go home.” – Sam M.

“Therapy is great. All of the Therapy Staff are wonderful. They help me a lot.” – Gretchen W.

“I have been here a long time and everything is okay. Everybody treats me well. I enjoy going to activities and spending time with the other Residents.” – Enrique A.

“From the minute I walked in to Oasis, I was treated with the utmost respect. I arrived before my husband and enjoyed the hospitality of the Receptionist, Maryellen. She made fresh coffee and it was delicious. Gretchen from Admission was so very nice and explained everything for me as I was signing the papers for my husband’s admission.” – Janie M., spouse

“Activities is a positive experience. Housekeeping does a good job keeping my room clean. My therapists work well with me.” – Dorothy G.

“Therapy is fantastic. When I came here I couldn’t walk, now I can and it’s all because of therapy. All the staff are very good.” – Stella F.

“I enjoy having a private room. I like the staff, especially the aides. Housekeeping does a good job of keeping my room clean.” – Nancy D.

“I love being a physical therapist assistant, mainly because it is such a humbling experience and gives me joy to help people get well. I love being one piece of the puzzle to a person’s recovery. I also love how we all work together to make each person’s life better.” – Pamela F., Physical Therapy Assistant

“I love my Residents. I love what I do and I enjoy listening to the stories of the older generation.”
– Kathryn F., Nurse Assistant

“I love it here. Physical Therapy has been very good to me. Lori G. Speech Therapist has been very good with me for therapy. The nurses and aides are also very good and make me smile. The Activities Staff are great and get me out of my room and it gives me something to do during the day. Sister Marie is great to talk with. She understands things.” – Lori S.

“As the Community Liaison for Beeghly Oaks and Oasis Center, I have the opportunity to market a philosophy not upheld by many, which is focus on quality of care in long term care.” – Lisa S., Community Marketing

“The nurses and aides are good. I finished my therapy and they were nice. I like my roommate. The housekeepers do a nice job in my room.” – Frank E.

“I am getting better. The strength in my legs are coming back. The Staff is very positive, making it easier for me. I love activities. It keeps me busy mentally and socially.” – Fred C.

“One of the things I love most about my job at Oasis is how rewarding some days can be.”
– Kaitlyn V., Business Manager

“The aides are helpful and the nurses are excellent. They are great. I love them all.” – Kathleen L.

“I enjoy watching my movies in my room. The Administrator, Recreation Coordinator and Concierge are cool.” – Bill C.

“The aides take really good care of me. I enjoy activities of interest. My room is always clean and I enjoy my roommate. I like to sit outside in the courtyard and visit with other residents. Oasis is a nice place to live.”

“I have been working for Oasis for two years. I really like working here. I love helping the residents with all their needs.” – Shantowone J.

“I love it here at Oasis. Everyone is so nice and the Therapy Department is great. I will soon be going home.” – Larry L.

“I enjoyed my stay at Oasis. I had a procedure done at the hospital and needed to have nursing care and therapy. I got very good care and therapy got me back on my feet and I am able to return home. I would recommend Oasis to my family and friends.”

“I really enjoy working in activities. I truly love seeing the Residents smile and having fun. I’ve always enjoyed helping and assisting the elderly. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Ashley M., Recreation Staff

“Everybody at Oasis is nice. They are happy to take care of me. Therapy was good. They knew what they were doing. They are good listeners. I enjoyed going to bingo. The facility is very clean and if anything needed fixed it was taken care of right away. I would return to Oasis.” – Mary L.

“Since working here at Oasis, I have met some of the nicest people. I enjoy working and caring for our residents and the staff here are very caring and personable. I feel that we have a very positive staff here. I enjoy working at Oasis.” – Karen R., Nurse

“I love my job because of the Residents. I really enjoy them, that’s the reason I come to work every day. They make my day go by fast. And I love talking to them.” – Charmagne N., Dietary

“My stay at Oasis was excellent. Everybody was so nice and accommodating. Therapy was fantastic. They pushed me without pushing me too much. They motivated and inspired me. They told me what was good and what I could do better. The nurses and aides were also very good.” – Margaret G.

“Oasis and CareRite, I truly believe from my time here, encompasses “Resident Focus” within Long Term Care. I love being a part of a team that really does put Residents first. I have been a Recreations Coordinator/Activities Director for about 4 years and in that time I have never felt the support from Management/Staff with regards to providing quality programming until I came to work at Oasis. I love being the Recreations Coordinator because my job is to create joy, fulfillment and memories to our Residents through quality programming. I always keep Mahatma Gandhi’s quote in my mind while working… “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Renewal™ truly does happen here.” – Jamie H., Recreation Coordinator

“The nurses and aides are really nice. The Therapy Department is very good. They motivated me when I did not feel like getting up. The Housekeeping Staff keeps the facility nice and clean. Maintenance Staff always takes time to speak to me and the Director of Nursing is also very nice and helpful.” – Lisa L.

“I have been happy as a therapist at Oasis and the team I work with has brought a rewarding work experience.” – Charlotte S., COTA

“I enjoyed being here. Therapy was very good. I did everything they asked me to do and I feel better because of the therapy. The food was good and I got fresh fruits and vegetables. The nurses and aides did a really good job.” – B. Mitchell

“I’ve worked here at Oasis for 2 years. I enjoy my job, the Residents and their family members. The programs here are awesome, the food is great. They have activities all the time. The Residents have fun all the time.” – S. Stroughter, Housekeeper

“Honestly the nurses and aides were very good and knowledgeable. They were responsive to my call light. The nurses answered my questions. The therapy was excellent. They do a great job. I would come back in a minute.” – S. Foster

“In my little bit of time being here, I love working here. The staff is awesome, the residents are great. I’ve been shown a lot of things and I learned a lot. Oasis Center will always be my favorite place to work. It was also great to meet the Residents, help them out and stuff. To even play bingo with them was great. Love it here.” – D. Anderson, Maintenance Staff

“I love working at Oasis. It’s a nice and friendly place to work where all your dreams come true, everyone works together to build a great team. I love my residents. They mean so much to me.”
– A. Loggins, Dietary Manager

“Being at Oasis, I was able to get my health back and feel like I can keep going. The Staff was great. They were very nice. Therapy was A1. I enjoyed the activities. I would definitely come back to Oasis if I needed someplace.” – D. Beason

“I would recommend Oasis to family and friends. The Staff was friendly and made me feel at home. The Therapy Staff worked well with me and they were fun to be around. They would tell me funny jokes. I liked that the Dietary Staff asked me about my preferences.” – B. Evans

“From my perspective, what I appreciate the most about coming to work is the friendly, family oriented atmosphere.  We are like one big family here at Oasis.   Employees at Oasis strive to provide quality care, excellent customer service, and exhibit exceptional team work.” – B. Cerny, Medical Records/Central Supply

“I love talking to the residents. They tell me good stories of their lives. Also, they make me smile and laugh. I think I make them laugh too.” – C. Clinton, Recreation Staff

“I had a great stay here at Oasis. Everyone treated me well. I have to say my stay was really fantastic. I hate to go home. When I have my hip surgery, I will come back to Oasis for my therapy. The staff was great.” – J. Oliver

“The staff at Oasis have been so good to me. Everyone that entered my room had a positive attitude. Therapy staff were always upbeat and encouraging. My room was always clean. I enjoyed my entire stay at Oasis. Some of my favorite girls are Penny, Lisa and Raebeth. I would recommend Oasis to anyone that needs care. My stay was so nice, I will miss everyone.” – M. Snead

“During my stay at Oasis, I enjoyed the staff. Therapy was wonderful. They are happy, polite and hard working. My room was always clean. I especially liked my welcome basket. There were so many nice things in it. I would recommend Oasis to anyone I know who needs therapy.” -T. Baron

“The food at Oasis is great. All of the nursing staff are amazing! Therapy is fabulous! Everyone is so friendly, caring and professional. My room is very nice. I would recommend Oasis to anyone. The facility is fantastic.” -G. Herring

“I love working at Oasis! My job is fun and getting to interact with the residents is so rewarding. All of my co workers are fabulous! Every day is different and enjoyable. This is a terrific place to work.”
-E. Nesbit (staff)

“The food at Oasis is great. All of the nursing staff are amazing! Therapy is fabulous! Everyone is so friendly, caring and professional. My room is very nice. I would recommend Oasis to anyone. The facility is fantastic.” – G. Herring

“I love working at Oasis! My job is fun and getting to interact with the residents is so rewarding. All of my co workers are fabulous! Every day is different and enjoyable. This is a terrific place to work.” – 
E. Nesbit

“During my stay at Oasis I enjoyed the staff. Therapy was wonderful. They are happy, polite and hard working. My room was always clean. I especially liked my welcome basket. There were so many nice things in it. I would recommend Oasis to anyone I know who needs therapy.” – T. Baron

“I enjoyed my stay at Oasis. Everyone is so nice and they make me happy! I made so many friends here. Therapy was wonderful! The nurses took great care of me! I loved all of the activities, they made my day fly by. I’ll miss all of you! A huge thank you to you all!” – E. Tabek

“I like working for Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Everyone seems so caring and friendly. It is a clean and safe place to work.” – J. Cain (staff )

“I like living at Oasis. My favorite part is the activities. I loved playing lost and found. I also like the arts and crafts. The staff is friendly and take good care of me. I really like Sha and Tika, they are great aides. I also like when we do movies and popcorn. I have lived at Oasis for 26 years and it’s a great place to live.” – S. Sokol

“I like my stay at Oasis because it’s a nice and quiet and there is adequate care for all of the residents including myself. I also enjoy the activities that are available. I like to sing and mingle with the residents. The food is also great.” – G. Harris

“THANK YOU OASIS! I have been here twice, once in October of 2015 and December 5 until today (1-15-16). My stay here was very good. Every department was helpful in getting in getting me to this point. The aides were all great! A few in particular would be Priscilla, Sha, and Chauntel. Nursing staff also made my stays bearable, just to mention Jared, Branden, RayLynn, Judy, Nurse K and Davina. Jeanette and her kitchen crew worked with me so close that my blood sugars are now more controlled than they ever were. Rehab was very good and brought me to be strong enough to go home (Nicole, Pam, Heather and Kelly). A big thank you to Mandy (concierge), she checked on me almost every day. Michelle and Ryker, also a big thank you.”

“My stay at Oasis has been good. All of the staff have been great. Everything I have asked for they have gotten for me. Everyone in therapy is doing a great job at getting me on my feet. The food has been good. They offer a variety of choices for meals. A nice facility to be at!” – R. Potraffke (resident)

“My stay at Oasis has been satisfactory. Everything was professional and taken care of well. The therapy department do what they can to help me get better. All of the nursing staff that I had contact with were professional, kind, and on time.” – G. Marshall

“I like living at Oasis because they take good care of me. All of the staff is very friendly. I like all of the activities that they have. The food is also good. Oasis is a good place to be. They keep my room clean and I like that. I love being at Oasis!” – C. Brown

“I’ve been at Oasis for ten years. I have never been anywhere else, this is a great place to live and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Everyone here from the DON to the nurse aides take wonderful care of me. I am very lucky to be here. Everyone here is like my family. The girls work very hard. They all deserve to be reminded how important they are. Dr. Rich takes very good care of me. The administrator and DON do and amazing job taking care of he facility.” – P. Heim

“I really enjoy my job working with rehab patients and occasionally on the living center. I feel like I have grown as a nurse by being here. This is the first place I have worked where management help the floor staff and that’s a wonderful thing! I truly enjoy what I do, where I work and who I work with. Team work is such a nice thing to see!” – D. Sedlacko (LPN)

“The therapy department was terrific! All of the girls are very friendly. Housekeeping has kept my room very clean.” -K. Mikos

“I love staying at Oasis! I like meeting new people. My meals are fantastic. Therapy staff treat me like family. I like that I have so much freedom and that the staff is so encouraging. Everyone takes such good care of me. When it came time to choose a facility I to come to Oasis because I have been here before and had such amazing care.” – K. Toth

“I like staying at Oasis because everyone treats me well. I like that I can come and go as I please. Oasis is a nice, clean and warm environment. The therapy staff treat me well. The social worker helps me a lot. When it comes time to chose a facility I’ll always choose Oasis!” – Harding

“My experience at Oasis has been fabulous thus far! The facility is very clean and the food is wonderful. All of the staff go out of their way to make you comfortable. Alexis Underwood is amazing as well as Lisa Myers. Therapy department is kind and hard working. I am so pleased with everything here. Such hard working staff on all shifts! I’ve been in several nursing homes and I’ve never got the care like I’ve got in this one. This is like being in the Taj Mahal! I rated them a 10!” – P. Carbone

“I like working at Oasis. The people are nice and caring. My boss is great. The residents are fun to be around. I like interacting with the residents and their families.” – S. Stroughter

“My stay at Oasis was nice. All of the staff made my stay comfortable. At night the staff were really good to me. They always brought me snacks and gave me ice water. 
Therapy was wonderful! All of them treated me well and they were encouraging. 
My meals were good as well. I would recommend Oasis to anyone I know needing therapy.” – L. Baker

“The staff at Oasis have been so good to me. Everyone that entered my room had a positive attitude. Therapy staff were always upbeat and encouraging. My room was always clean. I enjoyed my entire stay at Oasis. Some of my favorite girls are Penny, Lisa and Raebeth. I would recommend Oasis to anyone that needs care. My stay was so nice, I will miss everyone.” – M. Snead

“Oasis is a wonderful facility. The entire staff from nursing to therapy is amazing! Everyone here has made my stay as comfortable as possible. 
I will recommend Oasis as a rehabilitation facility to all my family and friends.” – 
M. Connell

“My stay at Oasis has been wonderful. Every staff member who has walked through my door has provided terrific care. All of my meals from start to finish have been great. The kitchen staff have out done themselves. Therapy has been amazing. The equipment was fitting to my needs. The entire staff went above and beyond to meet my needs. Housekeeping is fantastic! I couldn’t help but get better with the wonderful care I received!” – N. Miscimarra

“I like making the residents happy and doing activities. Co-workers really make you feel wanted and appreciative. I also enjoy making the residents feel like they are at home. Being able to hear stories from residents throughout their life is a really enjoyable and entertaining experience. I love what I do.”
– A. Vincik, staff member

“I truly enjoy working in activities. I take pride in my work and enjoy the one on one time I get with my patients. The residents are wonderful people and they make working here at Oasis a very rewarding job.”
– C. Clinton, staff member

“The staff here at Oasis has been wonderful. Everyone was kind, helpful and very considerate of Michelle and her needs. We are very happy with the care she was given; could not have found a better place for her to recover after her hospital stay. The nurses, stna’s, aides, therapists, and administration made a necessary stay much easier on us. We can not thank them enough for their help in getting Michelle back home.” – Sister of Patient

“I’ve worked at Oasis for about a year and three months. I enjoy working here, and the staff is great. It’s a joy coming to work and taking care of everyone, and I’m always glad to put a smile on all of their faces.” – S. Jenkins, staff member, STNA

“I’ve enjoyed my time at Oasis. My favorite part is playing bingo and cards. The activity staff is very nice. Therapy was fantastic! They did what they could to get me where I need to be. I met a lot of nice people and made a lot of friends. If I had to come back, I would. Oasis is a nice place! The nurses and STNA’s treat me great! Everything from housekeeping/laundry to nursing was great.” – R. Gonzalez

“My stay at Oasis was good. The therapy was great!! Everyone at the facility was kind and the food was good as well. I really enjoyed bingo on Tuesday and Thursday.” – G. Cohen

“I really enjoy going on the outings with activities. I also love when there’s entertainment that comes in. My stay here at Oasis has been nice and I’m happy living here.” – B. Moore

“I have very much enjoyed my stay here at Oasis. Everyone that I have encountered here, from the housekeeping crew on up has been wonderful. They have been kind, courteous, and helpful. Everyday someone asks me how I am and if I need anything. If I say that I do, they go and get it right away. The Therapy staff has also been great. They have taken their time and pushed me just enough to help me recover. If I ever were to need therapy again, or to recover from an illness, I would definitely come back to Oasis and would recommend it to friends and family. Thanks to everyone!”
– E. Higham

“The place is clean. All the staff is nice; supervisors, STNAs, Nurses. What I like about it was when one is in trouble everyone comes together to work together. They keep your linens clean, room clean, bathroom clean, as well as the hallways. I like the way they take care of the patients. The therapy was good here and they got my leg bending… and they all worked together. Overall good experience!”
-M. Murphy

“It is my third time here and I love it. Everyone is kind to me. I love all of the nurses and aides and staff, especially nursing. I will miss my friends and everyone that I met here.”

“Oasis is a very clean building. The food is very good. The therapy is very good. I feel much better-stronger- after my time in therapy.”
–B. Hollenbaugh

“The nurses and aides were very knowledgeable about any and every question posed to them. Gretchen is always pleasant and has a smile for you. The physical therapy is unsurpassable.”
–R. Boyle

“I just want to thank all the administration, the therapists, nurses, and aides that took really good care of me while I stayed at Oasis. I was really blessed to come here to help with my healing process and to meet a group of loving and wonderful, kind people. All I can say is thank you very much.”
–H. Mitchell

“I would like to thank the staff here for the fine job they have done since I’ve been here.”

– R. Graves

“I am going home with a smile on my face. Because I was treated much better than my expectations only since I have never talked to anyone who stayed at Oasis. The staff… were very helpful and caring. The nurses, all of them, treated me like someone special. The physical and occupational girls were very good and took special care of all my needs. This also included everyone I saw them work with. I would like to say thank you all and I will return if the need comes again. I will recommend you to all that ask me.”

– P. Lenhart

“My stay here was great, everyone was nice to me! Good care. Everyone from administration to dietary, housekeeping, therapy. I would refer everybody here. Good people, good food, good care. Great place.”

– A. Giansante

“Dear Nurses and Aides, I want to thank all of you for the care and time you have given me during my stay. You all have gone above and beyond your duties for me. There are a few of you that I have grown extra close to and you know who you are. But I never could ever thank all of you enough for all you’ve done. You guys are a great team and anyone coming in after me will be greatly blessed! I love you all.” – L. Sinchak
“My stay here was great, at first I didn’t want to come, but I am so glad I did. The rehab department was very helpful to my recovery. Thank you for all your work with me, all the staff here have always been there for me.”

– B. Art

“I came to Oasis after five days in the hospital, having had surgery on both my broken ankles. I was feeling helpless and hopeless, unable to do much for myself, and missing my home and my independence. However, the care I received at Oasis almost immediately improved my attitude. With physical therapy, I started to believe that I could once again be my independent self one day. Every single employee has treated me with respect, and has cheerfully helped me with my daily care. After only a few days, I was able to forego the pain medication. I will be going home tomorrow, and I thank everyone who helped me to achieve this goal!”

– P. Riddick

“I have had a very good stay at the Oasis Rehabilitation Center. The staff did a good job at their duties, and the room and hallways were always kept clean. The rehab center did a very good job of getting me on my feet. I would recommend Oasis to anybody who would need this service.”

– I. Mezzapeso

“I received loving care and was treated like a king. I would recommend to my friends and others that their stay here will be pleasant.”

– R. Yarnell

“The place was nice and clean all the time. The staff helped me out a lot. I would recommend others to stay here.”

– C. Maddamma

“Upon my arrival at the Oasis Center on February 26th at 6:00 pm; I was greeted by Fran, who helped me through a bladder crisis that developed from the long ride from St. Joseph’s Hospital. She found a walker that I can use so I can get out of my wheel chair so that I can use the restroom. All the therapists are very caring and professional. They focus on the patients recovery of their strength, so they can return to normalcy. All the patients are treated with respect, and consideration. No ones’s dignity is ever in jeopardy. the nurses. Michelle, Fran, and Mrs Beth, and aides Lisa, Penny, Michael, and Andrea are outstanding representatives of the Oasis Care Center. The entire staff reaches towards a high level of professionalism. Jennette, and her kitchen staff prepare delicious food for a large group of people. The Oasis Care Center is a top notch facility. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

-W. Scarsella

“My visit to the Oasis has been a pleasant experience. The environment has been positive for my recovery from surgery. The nursing care has been very helpful. The other staff members have been kind, and have made my stay a comfortable one. Physical Therapy has helped me grow stronger, and prepare me for my return home. My recovery is moving at a steady pace, and I am thankful for all the help and support from Oasis.”

-K. Vence

“During my stay here I have met some fantastic employees that all deserve a pat on the back. From Gretchen who checks on all residents in the morning, to the housekeepers who keep the rooms clean, and fresh smelling. All three shifts of nurses, and aides who make sure the resident are fed and have whatever they need to make their stay here as easy as possible, and the kitchen staff for good food. Even the girls in OT and PT deserve to be noticed for their hard work with the residents, all in all I would highly recommend Oasis to my friends for any rehabilitation needs they may need for anyone in the family. Keep up the great work as a team, and great staff. Even the maintenance staff is fantastic.”

-D. Haybarger

“My stay the last couple of weeks has been great. The workers has been wonderful. They are always there when you need them, or when you need something. They made my stay very comfortable.”

-J. Faidla

“I came here for the every day therapy. The staff in therapy were very good. The nurses, and assistants were very good at their job. If I would need your assistance again I would come back.”

-R. Aabrizio

“I came into Oasis on a gurney, and left walking out the front door. All staff was great to me and my family. I will not hesitate to let people know about this establishment. In closing just thank you and God Bless.”

– Alfred D.